Thing 23 All together

So I have managed to incorporate my twitter feed into my flipboard account – at the first attempt – do Ilike it being there – not sure.

I do not have lots of social media accounts so I do not need to keep them all in one place – maybe that will change after this course – but having time is the issue.

So I will see if I need to add my facebook page into Fllipboard – admittedly I find myself using the new News app on Apple more than flipboard – maybe I have set that up better after doing this course 🙂



Thing 21 Infographics

Oh my, have today used Piktochart – I am going to use this in future for presenting data and maybe designing posters.

After a few failed attempts and lots of going why is this not doing what I thinkit should – this morning I have come back with fresh eyes and created an extremely vibrant poster.

I have seen infographic posters and am loking forward to trying to create my own!

Thing 20 – Presentations

I have done several presentations over the years – always with Powerpoint. My most recent one was for an Andy McNab visit.

I prepared a powerpoint with 8 slides to give Year 7 & 8 some background information on him and to launch a competition.

This was something I was excited about and had left some information off that I could fill in – so pupils were not just listening to me talk

I do not still have the presentation so cannot load it here, but I will be trying out Prezzi over the forthcoming weeks as I prepare new presentations for our EPQ.

Thing 19


As a school librarian, I think I am more aware of copyright than other staff involved in teaching.

But reading Thing 19 has highlighted areas to be considered more carefully – especially when using a blog – although I am not sure how much I will continue to use it after this course.

I do need to read up more on the various licenses available through the creative commons model, I had to keep referring back to check I was using the correct ones.

We are in an age of copy and paste and it is up to us to ensure students and staff are still following the rules for copyright. I know I will double check in the future.

Thing 18

Welllllll slightly confused by Flikr – `i have struggled with the technology and although I would never have thought of myself as a technophobe in the past I am falling behind with my technological knowledge and have realised I need to stay in touch wih advancements more frequently.

Classroom & School Library Poster

I have managed to post a picture from Flikr to my blog – I’m impressed with myself. It is under a public domain license from Image Catlaog

I have an instagram account anyway but rarely use it – so I have commented on a couple of photos, although I do admit this could be a good tool for the school library.

Thing 17 reflective practice

well here we are Thing 17. Reflective practice. I actually use this frequently within my job role – I think it goes back to my corporate working background and also the fact I usually doubt that what I am doing is the best I can do.

The obvious point of reflective practice is author visits – I always look for feedback from staff and students and then look at what I have done and could do better next time.

I am currently managing the EPQ project for students and am already using reflective practice most weeks to look at what we have done and what we need to improve – I have already been in discussion with my line manager over where I can improve what I do and I know I need to do some training and improve some of my skills.

it is hard to accept criticism from others but sometimes they can give you a new angle – I am known for being quite a strong character (I am a real softie underneath) but you need to be able to accept that you can get things wrong! My line manager actually says it’s a strength to be able to do this.

ps I’m still up to date yayyyy!